Saturday, November 22, 2008


Quick thought. Any book title that starts with the word "Toward" will never, ever reach the intended destination because the author is much more interested in the journey through his or her own mind than in the ultimate answer to the question. For example:
  • Toward a Meaningful Life
  • Toward an Architecture
  • Toward a Psychology of Awakening
  • Toward a New Psychology of Women
  • Toward a New Film Aesthetics
Need I go on? None of these books will ever end up arriving at the station. They'll get two-thirds of the way there and declare victory. So you'll have a mostly meaningful life, but not totally. Or a partial awakening, or maybe some rehashed old Film Aesthetics in a shiny new theoretical case. You get the point.

So beware. If you're looking for answers, try another book. But if you're looking to be taken for a ride through an author's thought processes with no hope of an answer, by all means, hop aboard the "Toward" express.

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