Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poetry Assignment: Salsa


They danced in the snow
Coats cast aside
Mummy wraps
Nearly naked in
Mother's disapproval
A violent steamy salsa
Spinning and twirling
Amidst the falling flakes
Fast turning to steam
At skin's desperate contact
So hot, hot beyond measure
A passion intertwined
Snow and heat
Music spilling
From an open car
Beat and rhythm
Their eyes locked
In the heat of the dance
Cacophonous laughter
Echos in the street
When finally, finally, finally
They find each other


Melissa said...

Ooh, I think this one is my favorite of yours so far. Love the hot and cold contrast of the snow and the passion ... The poem feels fast, moving, sexy ... to a dramatic end! Love it.

novelaborate said...

This is wonderful... the snowy imagery that it brought to my mind was so vivid! well done!

muttmutt said...

Thanks you guys! I like this one too.