Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poetry Assignment: Sleep

Today's poetry assignment was sleep. When I think sleep, I think dreams....


Awakend from a fitful sleep
A dream on the edge of memory
Three dryads recalled
And a remembrance of
Strange happenings felt.

Lying in bed wondering
What had happened
In a place so near to hand
Yet so very far away

Closing my eyes and
Seeing their faces
Fleeting as the memory
Of a memory of a myth.

Moments stretch to years
Dreams unbidden yet
Longingly desired
Three dryads danced
Just for me, just for me.


Melissa said...

this one feels very dreamlike ... I love the "moments stretch to years" line ... great imagery here. Makes me want to take a nap!

muttmutt said...

I still like yours better. Your poetry is grounded in the real, the concrete yet it manages to feel very soft and very intimate. It has a diaphanous quality I love.

Heather said...

"Fleeting as the memory
Of a memory of a myth."