Saturday, December 6, 2008


I remember putting stars on your ceiling
One afternoon. And we lay there in bed
That night looking at our very own cosmos
Twinkling in your dark bedroom

Later, we went outside and
Lay on the grass
Our backs moist with spring dew
And we looked at the stars
The real stars
And held hands
And cried
Because you were leaving
To follow your dreams
So far away
That I could not follow

You were my dream
But I wasn't yours
And because of that
I had to let go
It was as if
I never had you
In the first place

In an instant you were gone
And I lay there on the wet grass
And watched your plane fly

And I cried and I laughed
And I wanted to be with you
But this could never be
As you followed your dreams
And left me behind

1 comment:

Melissa said...

so sad ... when wishes don't come true. I love how you said "I had to let go" as if you chose the difficult choice for her, not you. True love ...